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Life Sciences

It's in our DNA.

Legal Guidance for Early-Stage Companies

Biotechnology startups

Medical devices startups

Pharmaceutical startups

The four modules of our Startup Package provide solutions for the most common legal needs of early-stage life sciences companies.

Business Formation

All components of our BUSINESS FORMATION service, including:

  • Articles of incorporation or organization
  • Company by-laws


  • Shareholder or Operating agreement


The legal documents in your Custom Law Library will be drafted to support your specific business plan, product portfolio and R&D activities.  Options include some of the most important legal documents needed by early stage life sciences companies, including:

  • Non-confidential Invention Summary Teaser
  • One-way non-disclosure agreement
  • Service agreement (MSA)
  • Informed consent form
  • Invention assignment agreement
  • Electronic corporate minute book
  • Written action of shareholders form
  • Capitalization table
  • Request for Proposals (RFP) template
  • Employment Offer letter template

Your Custom Law Library will contain your choice of two, three or six of the above legal documents, depending on the Startup Package you select.


Credible business case assumptions are the tools required for negotiating strong contracts. Disputes during negotiations of early-stage life sciences deals often focus on:

  • Unique selling point and value propositions
  • Market share
  • R&D cost, time and risk  

In this workshop we will develop a structured framework for your choice of the following three dealmaking tools:

  1. Target product profile 
  2. Forecast / business case assumptions
  3. Communication strategy and talking points

This workshop, which may be conducted in English, German or Spanish, is included in the PLUS and POWER Startup Packages

Startup Package

  • Business Formation
  • Shareholder / operating agreement
  • Legal Navigation Workshop
  • 1 customized legal document
  • Dealmaking Workshop: n/a

Startup Package

  • Business Formation
  • Shareholder / operating agreement
  • Legal Navigation Workshop
  • 3 customized legal documents
  • Dealmaking Workshop: 2 tools

Startup Package

  • Business Formation
  • Shareholder / operating agreement
  • Legal Navigation Workshop
  • 6 customized legal documents
  • Dealmaking Workshop: 3 tools

Jordan Counsel guides early-stage life sciences companies and university technology transfer offices in the development and commercialization of biotechnology, medical device and nutraceutical products.


In addition to drafting and reviewing contracts for in-licensing or out-licensing, we can also facilitate your partner search through our network of life sciences attorneys and business development professionals.


For your pre-clinical, non-clinical and first in man studies, we can help with reviewing and modifying boilerplate contracts from large CROs, as well as drafting new agreements for individual investigators.

Business development activities involve so much uncertainty (eg, with multiple rounds of negotiations) that a flat-fee rate would not be appropriate.   In these instances Jordan Counsel’s hourly rate of €300 will apply.

Continue your due diligence.

The attorneys in Jordan Counsel’s Life Sciences Team have a long history of advising CEOs and boards of directors on potential and ongoing business development deals for biopharmaceutical and medical device products. Our corporate backgrounds enable us to give our clients real-world strategic input regarding their plans for business development and clinical development.

Deryck Jordan

Deryck (Managing Attorney) has enjoyed 20 years in life sciences, including roles not just in law, but also business development, strategy, marketing and R&D.

Deryck holds a Juris Doctor (JD) from University of Miami, an MBA from Wharton and a Bachelor’s  (in Biology and Chemistry) from Andrews University.

Dr. Christian Pertschy

Christian (Of Counsel) offers boardroom experience gained from 25 years in the life sciences industry, including 15 years as Chief Legal Officer of one of Germany’s leading international biopharmaceutical companies.

He completed his legal education at the University of Munich and holds a doctor of law degree.

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